Perfectly clean!

We also offer agents for thorough cleaning of all glass surfaces, as well as agents for cleaning and maintenance of floors.

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Pompa glass cleaners full product line.

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Thanks to its powerful formula Pompa Glass provides perfect cleanliness of glass surfaces. The product has a MULTI ACTION effect that:

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creates a protective film on a glass surface, which slows down the deposition of dirt, dust accumulation and getting dirty again

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has excellent power for emulsifying dirt, leaving the glass surface shiny and glossy.

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prevents fogging of glass surfaces

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does not leave traces of cleaning

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Enviroment friendly product

carefully selected ingredients give high biodegradability to the product.

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Added alcohol

enables efficient and easy removal of dirt, easy dispersion of the product over the surface and easy drying.

All purpose cleaners

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Pompa Master APC full product line.

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Pompa Master APC

New formula, new packaging, even better performance. Universal agent for daily cleaning and maintenance of all solid waterproof surfaces: PVC, rubber, linoleum, varnished parquet, ceramics, marble...

Efficiently cleans and easily removes dirt and grease stains. It does not damage the cleaned surfaces. It does not leave traces and gives the surfaces a luminous shine.

Combines good cleaning power and protection with care and pleasant smell.