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State of the art technology, full automation, constant and guaranteed product quality, environmental acceptability of technology and top experts are the most important features of our factory in Zrenjanin.

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Beohemija company

Commitment to quality and investments in production and people have strengthened and put us in the leading position in the country and the region and made us an additional member of every household. Over time, we have become a stable system based on strong links: a liquid detergent factory, a powder detergent and household cleaning products factory and a PET packaging production plant.

For more than twenty years, we have been carefully observing our consumers and listening to them, adjusting to different conditions and using every opportunity to become better and stronger. We have been conquering the market by innovating, launching new products before the market demanded them and creating new, solid links while renewing existing ones.

Excellent business results of our Company are due to careful planning and unique strategy that have contributed to the crystallization of several basic development pillars:

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Cooperation with the world's largest producers of raw materials, technology and fragrances.

Leading experts dedicated to continuous development, improving the quality of existing products and launching new ones.

Fostering partnerships with suppliers and distributors.

Social responsibility and protection of the environment in which we operate.

Reputation of a preferred employer owing to investments in employee development and young talent attraction.

Application of relevant international standards.

Commitment to quality for achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Insisting on the state-of-the-art production technology.

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State of the art factory

Values Of
Beohemija Company

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We fulfill all promises, without exception. We are realistic and reliable - professional and dignified. Everything we do, we do honestly. We operate in accordance with the corporate values that are consistently applied in our day-to-day operations.

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We are fully aware that sustainable success requires not only knowledge, experience and skills but also compliance. We are responsible, self-disciplined and fully dedicated to our work, as well as to the meeting of the needs of our customers.

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Employee Welfare

We value and support the integrity of our employees. We build reliable relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. We are dedicated to the development of our employees and cater to their needs on a day-to-day basis.

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Innovation and continuous improvement are key to our success and the drivers of our development. We are always looking forward and committed to long-term and sustainable business benefitting our customers, associates and communities in which we operate.

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We stick together and nurture a working environment focused on teamwork. We communicate openly, exchange ideas, support, and encourage each other.

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Our mission is to provide maximum satisfaction and products of top quality to our customers, employees, business partners and communities. From day to day, we unite all forces and invest them in gaining their trust.

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The corporate vision of Beohemija is to become the undisputed regional leader among home chemistry manufacturers and that its logo becomes a guarantee of quality and a symbol of trust.

Factory for producing liquid and powder laundry detergents and household cleaning products


Beohemija, the factory for producing liquid laundry detergents and household cleaning products, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and fully automated. It employs renowned experts and is distinguished by a full production process in which our highly sophisticated technologies, which include our PET and PE packaging plant, are applied.

State-of-the-art technology, full automation, constant and guaranteed product quality, environmental acceptability of agglomeration technology used for producing powder laundry detergents and top experts are the most important features of our factory in Zrenjanin.

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Brands and Product Portfolio

Duel Powder Laundry Detergent
Duel Icon
Duel Powder laundry detergent
Duel Powder Laundry Detergent

DUEL – powder detergent No. 1 in the Balkans - the first international success of Beohemija. With unique fragrances, distinctive packaging and proven quality, DUEL has won many awards and customers’ trust throughout the region.

Duel Fabric softeners
Duel Icon
Duel Fabric softeners
Duel Fabric softeners

DUEL has expanded the brand’s power to an assortment of concentrated fabric softeners that meet the strictest quality standards. We are constantly monitoring customers’ needs and are committed to continuous innovation of existing products through redesigning and introducing new, unique fragrances.

Spin hand dishwashing detergent
Spin Icon
Spin hand dishwashing detergent
Spin hand dishwashing detergent

Spin’s portfolio consists of a range of dishwashing liquid detergents. Spin is the product of a pure desire to offer customers products that will be synonymous with quality in all markets. Over the past years, Spin has proven and improved its motto LEAVES DISHES SPARKLING CLEAN AND SOFT ON HANDS by introducing a new, innovative formulation that combines all the knowledge of the modern cosmetics industry on skin care with the knowledge of the household cleaning product industry on top quality products.

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Private Label

Owing to its superior quality and success, Beohemija company has secured the reputation of a reliable private label manufacturer of other companies’ brands, which meet all household cleaning needs. Sales chains with which we cooperate in the production of private labels operate on a large number of regional and European markets.

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Quality First


Environmental protection is one of the key factors that we take into account when designing a business policy, since many different chemicals and materials requiring special disposal procedures are used in the production process. All products have been thoroughly tested and production plants are fully compliant with the highest EU environmental standards.

We also advocate for energy efficiency and preservation of resources in the production process, which are achieved by reducing the consumption of liquids to the lowest possible level and by the partial drying process. Water, electricity and natural gas are thus saved and the amount of waste is reduced to the minimum.

Our entire Company is committed to ecology; only raw materials that have been rigorously tested by the appropriate institutions are used in the production of our products, and the whole production process is compliant with applicable ISO standards.