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Duel Baby Care

Duel Baby Care

Miris novog omekšivača DUEL BABY CARE Sensitive je intenzivan, sladak, aldehidno svež sa notama cvetnih nota.

"Formulation of the new line of DUEL sensitive softeners in its composition in addition to silicone as of functional additives, which contributes to better softness of the fabric, facilitates ironing, gives fullness and a rich feeling to the touch, also contains Panthenol as a component that cares for the fabric. The scent of the new DUEL BABY CARE Sensitive softener is intense, sweet, aldehydic fresh with hints of floral notes. The intensity belongs to aldehydic freshness, while the strength of the fragrance lies in the floral scent mixture of jasmine, rose, and green herbs, rounded off by the strength of sandalwood, vanilla and musk in the base."

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